Friday, March 30, 2007

Can we file a class action suit against nature?

Trees have been cut down and "water in Alhambra Creek is at a standstill," reports the Contra Costa Times, and environmentalists demand action. The evil act here was not caused by some Bush-loving capitalist Republican. The trees were chomped down by beavers who used them to make a dam in the Alhambra creek. The government is ready to take action:
City officials say the beavers' handiwork will have to be removed. The California Department of Fish and Game has agreed to permit that.
Separately, there is a pollution crisis in San Luis Obispo:
[A] study by the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District found that persistent winds blowing off the ocean from the northwest are picking up fine sand particles and carrying them onto the [Nipomo] Mesa.

The result is that the Mesa regularly exceeds state and federal air pollution standards for coarse and fine particulate matter, said Larry Allen, county air pollution control officer. A state standard for coarse particulates was exceeded on a quarter of the days sampled.

So ocean winds are blowing up sand from the beaches and this causes a violation of "state and federal air pollution standards."

Previously, a post noted that most of the water pollution of the Potomac river was due to natural sources. Nature simply does not obey the rules that environmentalists think that it should.

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