Wednesday, June 06, 2012

San Franciscans protest against Obama

Barack Obama, America's Fundraiser-in-Chief, visited San Francisco today in search of still more campaign cash. Because San Francisco, home to Nancy Pelosi, has a reputation as America's most liberal city, one might think that The One would be safe from criticism here. It is not so. As he arrived for lunch at the Julia Morgan Ballroom in the historic Merchants Exchange Building on California Street, the San Francisco Tea Party was there to greet him (click on any photo to enlarge):

Just a couple years ago, the local SF news media ignored tea parties. Now, they will take a few pictures of tea parties and sometimes their reports are even accurate. Below, KRON interviews Sally Zelikovsky, the founder of the Bay Area Patriots:
After the rally, Sally commented that the media interest in the Tea Party seemed to be at an all-time high. Could it be that the Wisconsin results have finally convinced them that the Tea Party is not going away? [Update: Fund47 has more on the press coverage. Sally writes on the press coverage here.]

Breitbart was here also and celebrating the victory in Wisconsin:
More people with messages:

The sign below reads "POTUS: we hope the winds of change blow you away!!":
There is always a lot of security for the President but, in my observation, this was a first: to protect The One, dump trucks were used to block off the streets:
Naturally, this prompted the crowd to burst out in a chorus of "Dump Obama."

At another moment, a dog was seen being walked toward the Merchants Exchange Building. Concerned that Obama might think it appetizing, the crowd shouted chants of "poor little pup" and "save the dog."

The number of vehicles requires to protect the President is always impressive. Here is an array of San Francisco Police motorcycles that arrived as part of the Presidential protection detail:
Does this make the SFPD California's largest biker gang? Regardless, the use of so many vehicles, replicated along every step of the way, shows just a small piece of how carbon-intensive Obama's travel really is.

The left also appeared. Apparently in sympathy with polar bears (but not with consumers), this crowd wanted to stop arctic drilling:
There was also a contingent of left-wing anti-war protesters such as this woman:
It was just four years ago that there was much Hope for all the Change that America's new messiah would bring. It must be very disappointing to the left that Gitmo is still open and that they still need their venerable "peace" signs. Reality is tough.

Larry from SF was at today's rally. Expect to see more tea party photos at his blog, Fund47. [Update: the permalink to Larry's photos is here.]

UPDATE: Zombie followed Obama every step along the way yesterday and has photos.

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Anonymous said...

thanks for the photos.

Eddie - The Sarge in Florida said...

Love it! Now, if the rest of California would follow these great Californians. Great job and keep it going!!!

RealAmerican said...

Fabulous! LOVED the "save the dog" and "dump obama" comments!!!

Sue Hanson said...

Too bad the Tea Party is not backing Ron Paul. Life won't be much different with Romney in charge.

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