Saturday, April 14, 2012

San Francisco Tax Day Tea Party

In an event supported by a biker gang and opposed by Occupier infiltrators, San Franciscans gathered this afternoon for a tax day Tea Party (click on most photos to enlarge):
The bridge in the background above and below is the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

Breitbart was here:

A motorcycle gang, the Sons of Liberty, arrived and joined the rally:

This man voted for Obama in 2008:

A chorus line entered the stage with each dancer representing a digit in the national debt. It takes a lot of digits:

Several candidates for office spoke. Also, several individuals, such as this man, took to the stage to tell their story:

This woman had a simple direct message for Democrats: "Grow up. Take care of yourself"

It seems that red is the new black. How come I didn't get the memo?:
The red 'Nobama" fingers in many of these photos are in support of Gov. Brewer and in defiance of a local reporter who thought that no one in San Francisco would wag a finger at Obama.

Obama's debt will be paid off by our children and grandchildren. This family took notice:
And these kids also:

"Throw all of them out!" says this sign which shows a donkey and a rhino:

Four Occupiers arrived. This camera-shy Occupier, possibly a veteran of the Police-Occupy battles (see here or here), had a message: "F*** the police - directly oppressive force. Law does not apply here: sovereign citizen solidarity." His sweatshirt, not fully visible here, also sported a "F*** the police" message:
The other side of his sign noted that California's homeless population was "135,928" while there are "1,102,583" vacant homes in the state. He concludes "WTF!" There seemed no point in discussing issues of economics, private property, or the nature of the homeless population with him:
Another Occupier, by contrast, seemed genuinely interested in discussing the issues. He, for example, saw a sign "the politics of envy leads to socialism" and he thought it made no sense. I explained it and he understood. Not all Occupiers are angry and violent. I have met several now who I expect will mature into responsible citizens.

The two protesters below thought that the constitution grants states the right to decide marijuana legalization. Claiming to be advocates of constitutional liberties, they thought they should have Tea Party support and were upset that the tea party organizers would not let them speak at this event:
The building in the background above, by the way, is the Clock Tower on the SF Ferry Building.

Remember how the Occupier above thought that the police were a "directly oppressive force"? Somehow, Tea Partiers don't have the same problem with police, as you can see by the relaxed stance of these SFPD officers assigned to the rally:
Their ease reflects the fact that Tea Partiers understand private property and responsible behavior. The city permit for the protest required, for example, that, in deference to other users of the park, the sound system be turned off at 3:30pm. It was.

This rally was organized by the San Francisco Tea Party and was supported by MyLiberty (San Mateo County), the North Bay Patriots (Marin County) and seven other Bay Area Tea Party affiliated groups.

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