Wednesday, April 11, 2012

San Francisco: inmates run asylum

San Francisco is now being governed by the Occupy movement. Last year, Occupy San Francisco was merely a flea-ridden encampment near the Federal Reserve building. This year, Occupy SF is writing resolutions for the SF Board of Supervisors which the supervisors pass unanimously. KCBS News reports:

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors unanimously passed a resolution Tuesday calling on banks to halt foreclosure activities.

Supervisor John Avalos introduced the resolution last month calling for a moratorium on home foreclosures and related evictions and auctions.

“The foreclosure crisis has already devastated so many lives,” Avalos said in a statement issued after the resolution’s victory. “This resolution is an important step to support solutions to prevent millions of Americans from losing their homes.”

But who wrote the resolution that Avalos introduced? On its website, Occupy Bernal (Bernal is a neighborhood in San Francisco) takes the credit:
Supervisor John Avalos proposed the resolution with co-sponsors Supervisors David Campos, Malia Cohen, Jane Kim, Eric Mar, and Christina Olague. Amy Beinart and Stardust of Occupy Bernal wrote the original draft of the resolution. [Emph. added]
Occupy Bernal provides a copy of the resolution's full text (PDF). It talks about "nefarious" banking practices and calls for, among other things, "principal reduction" on loans. Who might benefit from that? Supervisor John Avalos for one. According to KCBS News:
Avalos said that he, like many homeowners in his community, is approximately $100,000 underwater on his mortgage.
What is the point of going into politics if you don't get to do some profitable self-dealing every once in while?

While many TEA party groups are still fighting IRS harassment, Occupy San Francisco is now on its way toward governing.

Hat tip: Larry from SF. Visit his blog for some excellent San Francisco photojournalism.

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