Monday, April 23, 2012

The "stimulus" bill was never about helping the economy

At, Wynton Hall reports:
In their explosive new book Debacle: Obama's War on Jobs and Growth and What We Can Do Now to Regain Our Future, Grover Norquist and John Lott, Jr. uncover a startling fact: heavily Democratic states with lower poverty rates, lower unemployment rates, lower bankruptcy rates, and lower foreclosure rates received most of President Barack Obama's $825 billion Stimulus.
In other words, the purpose, big surprise, was to reward political allies.  Hall continues:
The folly of the federal government's misappropriation of funds can best
be summed up with a quote from an Obama Administration official whom
Norquist and Lott interviewed for their penetrating book.  As she explained, where government spends taxpayers' money doesn't matter because "giving out money is good for everyone."
With the White House's economic thoughts being just that shallow, it is not wonder that the crafting of the stimulus bill was dominated by politics not economics.

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