Monday, April 30, 2012

Occupiers trash San Francisco restaurant

Early reports are that the "Black Bloc" subgroup of San Francisco Occupy protesters trashed the Farina Restaurant tonight:
(Photo: MikeQTips)

This reportedly happened during an Occupy march in the Dolores Park section of San Francisco. The target of the rampage is the Farina Restaurant at 3560 18th Street in San Francisco. In better times, the highly rated restaurant looked like this:

RELATED: KCBS reports that Occupiers also "vandalized vehicles, businesses and a police station" nearby in San Francisco's Mission District tonight.

UPDATE 1: Occupy SF issued a statement claiming no affiliation with those who damaged property in the Mission District.

UPDATE 2: By the next morning, Farina was being repaired. You can see one man replacing glass while another tries to power-wash away the yellow and green paint stains left by the occupiers:

Just down the street, this bus stop was marked with the Anarchy symbol:

The Mission police station has several broken windows. You can see two of them in this photo:
Here is a close-up of one of the occupier-smashed windows:

Note how soon after the riot that the restaurant, which is privately owned, was being repaired.

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