Friday, June 22, 2012

Reality vs. liberals

IN 2003, when CBS was going to air a docudrama that would smear Ronald Reagan as a homophobe, Rock Hudson's ex-lover, Marc Christian, responded with a letter to CBS President Leslie Moonves:
"The notion that President Reagan was a homophobe strikes me as silly beyond belief. Not only did he have several gay men on his staff when he was Governor of California, he called my lover, Rock Hudson when he was on his deathbed just weeks before he died of AIDS and wished him well and voiced his and Nancy's concern and prayers." 
In a rare fit of honesty and decency, CBS decided not to broadcast the show.

Since, however, some smears are too good to let go of,  gay activists visiting the White House last Friday took turns flipping the finger at a portrait of Ronald Reagan:
At the Obama White House, apparently, there is no adult supervision.

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