Sunday, March 25, 2012

Has a second front opened in the war for freedom?

Pres. Obama's attempt to use Obamacare to crush religious freedom is provoking a backlash even in San Francisco where Christians organized a massive rally on Friday against Obamacare's mandates (click to enlarge):

(Photo courtesy of Larry from SF)

(Photo courtesy of Larry from SF)
Up until now, the TEA party, a secular group, has been the central force defending freedom against Obama's governmental power grabs. If this rally is an indication, religious groups may form a second front in this war for freedom.

Since Christianity values charity, many Christians have supported Democrats and their government welfare state. Obama has demonstrated however the danger in this ill-conceived alliance. The massive power of a Federal welfare state is a threat to religion and religious values. It is not just the outrage of the government requiring Catholics to pay for abortifacients and the possibility that this may force the nationwide network of Catholic charity hospitals to close. Obama's stated goal of giving old people aspirins instead of medical care is also a clear violation of Christian conscience:

(Photo courtesy of Larry from SF)

This rally took place at Noon on Friday at the Federal Building in San Francisco. Although some media reported the crowd size at 500, Larry from SF estimates the attendance at 1,000. This rally was part of a nationally organized Stand Up for Religious Freedom protests.

One of the groups represented at the rally was Couples for Christ, a Catholic organization, with a newly discovered mission to oppose Obama:

(Photo courtesy of Larry from SF)

Some in the crowd had a good time:
(Photo courtesy of Larry from SF)
[Update: these two have been identified as infiltrators]
There was a large religious contingent at the last San Francisco TEA party protest against Obama in San Francisco (story and photos). This rally takes that opposition to a new and higher level. One can hope that this represents an awakening on the part of Churches to the idea that their survival depends not just on changing the language of one mandate among many in the Obamacare regulations but recognizing what the founding fathers understood: our government should not have had to power to make such mandates in the first place.

Thanks to Larry for an advance peak at his photos. Expect more commentary on this rally with photos to appear soon at Larry's blog: Fund47. [Update: Larry's post is here.]

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discipled-one said...

It is truly a breath of fresh air that those in the San Francisco Bay Area who are members of the Body of Christ actually standing up in unison for something as draconian as Obamacare.

I would hope and pray that these people don't stop coming together in this vein and continue to promote a Biblical worldview so that the citizens in America can understand and then embrace what the Founders originally intended.

Anonymous said...

If you do defeat Obama's Health care what will you tell the thousands of children with preexisting conditions that are already getting life saving medical treatment that will stop because you overturned the affordable care act. Will you at least pray that when they die they don't feel too much pain?

What about the children that need medical care that are still allowed to be on their parents healthcare until they are 26.

You are fine to take all of this away because someone could get contraception?

Are you people really so weak that just because a law says it will help you get something you will have to use it?

What ever happened to self control?

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