Thursday, March 15, 2012

Liberal icon, Charlie Rose, sued after failing to pay minimum wage

The NY Daily News reports that an unpaid former intern is suing PBS's Charlie Rose for back pay:
Lucy Bickerton, a Wesleyan University graduate, sued the hightone chatterbox on Wednesday, claiming she worked like a dog, but got stiffed on the pay.

She says she toiled away 25 hours a week from June to August 2007, researching for the host, putting press packets together, escorting the guests and cleaning up after the show.

Bickerton, who went into documentary filmmaking after she graduated in 2008, did everything an employee does except collect a paycheck, she says in the suit.

State law prohibits unpaid interns unless they are being trained and not performing in place of paid employees.

“The practice of classifying employees as ‘interns’ to avoid paying wages runs afoul of state wage and hour laws,” her lawyer Rachel Bien wrote in the complaint.

“Central to the show’s lean production are the substantial number of unpaid interns who work on The Charlie Rose Show each day, but are paid no wages,” Bickerton charges in the suit.

As a liberal, Mr. Rose should not merely pay employees a minimum wage, he should pay them a fully "livable wage."  That is what liberalism teaches, isn't?

I do enjoy watching as sanctimonious liberals, such as Rose, are exposed for what they are.

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