Thursday, February 09, 2012

A liberal's core beliefs are surprisingly malleable

Prof. Glenn Reynolds writes:
CHANGE: Oh my: Majorities of liberal Democrats now support drone strikes, keeping Gitmo open.

It’s as if all that international-law, humanitarian, have-you-no-decency crap was just . . . crap. And partisan crap at that.

No secret, but nice to make it clear. To all the people who were yammering about this in 2007-2008: Don’t waste my time in the future. Or yours.

For liberals, it is important to express self-righteous moral indignation. Their feeling of moral superiority is to be taken seriously. The underlying issue is irrelevant.

Related: Michael Walsh writes: "One of the problems the Right consistently has in dealing with the Left is its touching credulity in their stated motives, instead of assessing their genuine objectives."

See also Ace of Spades' essay on moral indignation, racism, and liberal hypocrisy.

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