Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Medicare loses $375 million to fraudulent billings by a single physician

Dr. Jacques Roy, a Dallas-area physician, has reportedly been living well off your tax dollars. He has been indicted "for allegedly bilking Medicare for nearly $375 million in billings for nonexistent home healthcare services." The LA Times explains how his scheme worked:
Under the alleged fraud scheme, the doctor and his office manager in DeSoto, Texas, Teri Sivils, who was also charged, allegedly sent healthcare “recruiters” door-to-door asking residents to sign forms that contained the doctor’s electronic signature and stated that he had seen the residents professionally for medical services he never provided.

They also allegedly dispatched more “recruiters” to a homeless shelter in Dallas, paying $50 to every street person they coaxed from a nearby parking lot and signed him up on the bogus forms.

The long-running ruse allegedly began in 2006 and over five years collected more Medicare beneficiaries than any other medical practice in the United States.
If Pres. Obama and the Democrats have their way, the whole health care system will be run this sloppily.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

It is terrifying to read the anti-Republican smears and anti-white racism that this case has inspired. Just check out all the hate speech in the comments on any liberal site. According to these haters, hypocritical white male "tea-bagger" doctors are robbing the taxpayer blind. (Dr. Roy is said to have contributed to tea party causes.) Long screeds are written about his having gone untouched for so long because he is a "white collar white male."
But let's have a dose of the truth. Look at the courtroom sketch of the mastermind, "Canadian born" Dr. Jacques Roy. Does he look more Canadian, or more Pakistani? Google "Dr. Roy" and "Bangladesh" and see how many Bangladeshis with Roy for a last name live in the U.S. Note that many of them have westernized their first names.
Or look at two of Dr. Roy's co-defendants who are named Akamnomu, a common last name in Nigeria. ( You can't actually look at them, of course, because there are no mug shots and the feds decided not to do a perp walk.) The media will admit that two defendants were required to surrender their passports. Could that be the Akamnomus?
Then there's Okey Nwagbara. Google him. He plead guilty in January for his part in a health care fraud conspiracy between his medical equipment company and a company owned by Dr.Jacques Roy. Over $600,000 in fraudulent claims. A native of Nigeria, he also plead guilty to fraudulently obtaining U.S. citizenship.
Or how about Dr Roy's co-defendant Charity Eleda? Are we sure she's a white Republican? Go to if you want to learn about Afro-Cuban culture and religion,including Santeria. Look up "Eleda" in Wikipedia; it is one name of a deceitful African deity who uses trickery to teach humans hard lessons. How appropriate.
It seems to me the hard lessons to be learned from the Dr. Jacques Roy case have more to do with immigration than with "the evils of the tea party."
(And for more on related topics, google Lewiston, Maine home health care fraud, or Minnesota Somali home health care fraud. It seems to be a growth industry.) THE TRUTH - IT'S A GOOD THING.

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