Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The dawning of the reality of Obamacare

Last night, in response to a question, Bookworm mentioned to a liberal friend, who happens to work in the insurance industry, two MSM articles on problems with Obamacare. One was on the rising premiums brought on by Massachusetts' version of Obamacare. The other was on the unsustainable costs of Obamacare. Bookworm writes (RTWT) of her friend:

My friend was shocked: “Why didn’t anyone tell us about this before?” I replied, quite mildly, “I did.” She had the grace to fall silent.

It turns out that my friend didn’t raise the issue randomly. The people in her insurance office are getting panicky because they’ve suddenly realized that they’ve entered the insurance Twilight Zone, where all the rules are upside down.

Democrats always seem shocked when they find out that the policies that they advocate might actually apply to them in the real world.

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