Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Trial starts of Obama supporter who allegedly hacked Palin e-mail

The jury has been selected and testimony has begun in the trial of David Kernell over his alleged hacking of Gov. Palin's yahoo e-mail account. Kernell was a member of his college's "UT for Barack Obama" organization and is the son of Tennessee State Rep. Mitch Kernell (D-Memphis). The first to testify was Kernell's former college roommate who discussed Kernell's dislike for Palin's politics. According to the indictment (PDF):
On or about September 16, 2008 … Kemell gained unauthorized access to the e-mail account gov.palin@yahoo,com, by resetting the password using Yahoo’s password-recovery tool. Specifically, he reset the password to “popcorn” by researching and correctly answering a series of personal security questions. . . .
Remember this the next time that you decide whether to pick an easy password or how simply to answer those "security questions" for a computer account.

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