Thursday, April 22, 2010

Comedy and Tragedy

From Mere Rhetoric's twitter stream:
It'd be reassuring if Obama came out as a radical hellbent on detonating US hegemony. At least we'd know he's competent

Not sure why Israel is upset re Obama tossing them under the bus. They've always said they want to be just like every other Western nation.

I'm pretty excited to see what kind of health care bureaucracy the party of teachers unions sets up for us

More like Berlin 1938 | RT @jimsciuttoABC: Today is Army Day in Iran, big military parade. Iran 2010 looks like Moscow 1980

No sympathetic media writeups of "root cause" of rightwing militias? I guess only jihadists have "legitimate grievances"

WH condemnation in 5, 4, never |RT @MediaBackspin: Fayyad sponsors sports event named 4r terror leader Abu Jihad

He really is a walking punchline | RT @markknoller: Obama thanks fellow summit leaders for "a day of unprecedented progress."
PREVIOUSLY on humor (or the lack of it):
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