Thursday, April 15, 2010

A tax day Tea Party breaks out in San Francisco

A Tea Party broke out today on Union Square in San Francisco. Here is an overview of the crowd, which likely numbered one to two thousand:
Here is the crowd from a different angle:
There were some good signs such as "Socialism works in two places: Heaven where they don't need it, and Hell where they already have it":
Everyone in this family had a message for the President. "I'll keep my guns, my money, and my religion, you keep the change":
Below a physician explains the difference between his care and Obamacare: "When I shove something down your throat, I get consent and I give anesthetic: NObamacare":
This man hopes for a change:
The Democratic party seems to be motivated by envy and this woman explains the problem with that:
Democrats do not seem to understand how prosperity is created: "Spread my work ethic, not my wealth":
Unlike previous tea parties, this one had some legacy media coverage. Here you can see two somewhat hostile-looking reporters interviewing a tea partier:

Two liberal infiltrators (below) thought of themselves as smart but their signs portray the vacuousness of their thoughts:
As usual at a Tea Party, the LaRouche Democrats showed up with their Obama-with-Hitler-mustache signs:
LaRouche has run seven times for the Democratic nomination for President. Although his supporters freely describe his philosophy as FDR-inspired, the "unbiased" media is happy to pretend that they are tea partiers.

This Tea Party was organized by the San Francisco Bay Area Patriots. As you can see, they planned ahead to deal with infiltrators.

Michelle Malkin has a round-up on tea party infiltrators.

There were tea parties today all over the San Francisco Bay Area. Photos of the one in San Mateo on the San Francisco Peninsula are here.

WELCOME to readers of GatewayPundit, BigGovernment [updated link], Uncoverage, Lone Star Times and Waggle Room.

UPDATE: Fund47 has more photos.

UPDATE II: Over at PajamasMedia, Zombie has a fascinating look at the infiltrators.

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Ride Fast said...

Good job, thanks for covering this. I seemed to have missed it in the legacy media somehow.

JJ said...

Thanks so much for your coverage and your pictures---re-posting!

manray said...

The Pleasdanton TEA party "rally" yesterday had tens of people. This crowd is not a thousand people. A few hundred maybe. What a divisive stupid organization. Nice claiming the ones with the Obama with Hitler moustaches were "LaRouche democrats" That's dishonest - everyone has already seen these signs at your rallies.

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