Sunday, November 22, 2009

Farmers protest in San Jose

California farmers know the way to San Jose and, on Saturday, many met there to protest at a Tea Party Patriots Farmer Relief & Freedom Relay:California's lush central valley has been turned into a dust bowl by environmentalists who insist that a 2" smelt fish is more important than the farmers or the food that produce which feeds the rest of us. Farmers want their water turned back on:
Many farmers made the connection between this regulatory overreach and the rest of the Obama agenda:
The subject of Obamacare also came up at this rally. This man makes the point that there are only two certainties in Obamacare: death and taxes.
This woman had a sign with a creative analogy. Democrats are attracted to the promise of "free" health care in the same way that mice are attracted to the free cheese when they approach a mouse trap:
Pres. Obama has pursued many "urgent" action items. The stimulus bill was so important that it had to be passed before any could read it. The Senate just voted to proceed on Reid's version of Obamacare without enough time to read the bill. Yet, while soldiers are fighting and dying in Afghanistan, Obama cannot be bothered to decide on a policy. It makes me furious and, apparently, I'm not the only one:

Lastly, the LaRouche Democrats showed up: you can recognize them by the Obama-with-Hitler-mustache posters:

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