Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rep. Speier's town hall meeting

Rep. Jackie Speier held a health care townhall meeting today, August 23, in Montara, a small town on the foggy California coast:
Notice the blue pre-printed "thank you" signs. These were carried by Democrats to indicate their spontaneous support for Obamacare.

The news media, both TV (below) and print reporters (not shown) were there:

It is curious that they found this event news worthy after they ignored many much larger tea party protests.

The event was held at an elementary school. You can tell that by one-world-one-ocean mural that Rep. Jackie Speier is standing in front of:

Schools don't have time to teach reading or writing but, apparently, they have plenty of time for environmental propaganda such as this mural.

There were many questions and they came from a mix of supporters and skeptics. One questioner pointed out all government programs that were bankrupt or in deep debt. Rep. Speier countered that medicare was working well so far and wasn't scheduled to be bankrupt until 2017.

The LaRouche Democrats were there, as evidenced by the Obama-with-Hitler-mustache poster:

Later, one of the LaRouchians walked through the crowd with the Hitler mustache picture creating some minor disturbances. The news media followed him around.

Despite having been out-organized, there were free-market supporters in the crowd:

The signs were clear and to the point, such as these two:

and this one:
This one appeared worse for the weather but still made its point:

This one is simply emphatic:

This one explained how the economy works in government-run systems:

More information on this and future events can be found at We The People.

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