Monday, August 03, 2009

CNN: thinking like children

Pres. Obama's proposed federal mandates have sparked a renewed discussion of the tenth amendment and states rights.  On CNN anchor John Roberts discusses the issue with correspondent Carol Costello:
ROBERTS: Now, you would think- because states’ rights advocates are so strong in their opinions that the opinions- we’ve been asking for comments, right? Therefore, you would think that most people would be in favor of states’ rights, but it’s running, to a large degree, the opposite way.
COSTELLO: Oh, yeah. But my favorite comment so far- you know, ‘asking for states’ rights is asking, you know, the children to be the parents.’
There you have it: in the mind of Correspondent Roberts, states are like "children" and the federal government is like the "parent." This makes sense to liberals because they try to understand all politics with inappropriate family analogies.

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