Thursday, January 03, 2008

Economic reasoning by childhood analogy

The RIAA has been suing people who download copyrighted music to their PCs. Information Week columnist Alexander Wolfe has a solution:
Now that times are tough, though, the record companies have shown they're clueless. Rather than forge a new business model to make money in the age of the Internet, they're fighting a losing battle to hold on to an era that's already passed. OK, if they're unable to handle the copyright benefits they've been like generously awarded, we should do what we do when a child shows they can't handle a privilege they've been granted. We should take it away.

How about we cut the copyright terms down to five years. Retroactively. So now "Stairway to Heaven" is in the public domain. Hey, the ongoing RIAA lawsuit problem is gone in one fell swoop. [emphasis added]
This blogger is fascinated by what politicians try to pass off as thought and logic. Here is a case of a computer columnist making the same reasoning-by-inappropriate-analogy-to-childhood, possibly inspired by childhood trauma, that seems to characterize much of liberal thought (and Gov. Huckabee's).

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