Sunday, January 13, 2008

Full Faith and Credit in the Government

Jonathan Rees, of The Writing on the Wall, is upset that people like RediClinic for minor ailments:
Wal-Mart (or to be more exact, their sub-contractor) hasn’t solved the healthcare crisis. All they’ve done is given reluctant politicians less incentive to tackle the real problem: fixing the entire healthcare system for everyone....
If you believe in miracles, you believe that our politicians are brilliant and have the wisdom to fix the "entire healthcare system for everyone." (Some liberals envision government as the 'ideal parent' that they never had but who can solve all problems miraculously.) In the real world, government-run health-care systems at their best just substitute one set of problems, such as expense, with another, such as death by queue. People who are honestly concerned about affordable health-care should welcome the option of RediClinics and their competitors for fast, convenient, and inexpensive treatment of minor issues. Instead, Democrats such as Mayor Menino want to use force of law to ban them.

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