Thursday, January 03, 2008

What have you changed your mind about in 2007?

The Edge asks the question. Among the respondents is anti-Christian author Sam Harris who writes:
Like many people, I once trusted in the wisdom of Nature. .... Might we be better off just leaving things to the wisdom of Nature? I once believed this. But we know that Nature has no concern for individuals or for species.
Liberals, like Sam Harris, often claim to be guided by science and rational thought. But what that usually means is that they do not know what guides their thoughts. Often they hold a religious belief in which nature is anthropomorphised and they trust in the "wisdom of nature." Environmentalist often imagine nature to be "perfect" and any human-caused deviations from the natural state to be sinful. Give Sam Harris credit for discovering, after writing several anti-religion books, that he himself had been religious.

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