Monday, January 14, 2008

Ten years ago in history

January 17 is the tenth anniversary of Matt Drudge's breaking of the scandal that led to Clinton's impeachment. The MSM had known about the story for some time but had not printed it. Drudge's website forced their hand, marking the beginning of the internet era of news.

Bob Bittman, the deputy prosecutor who questioned Clinton, "was astonished by what he learnt from the tapes and interviews. For
the President to carry on with a 21-year-old intern while facing a sexual
harassment case was 'crazy'." Irresponsible behavior, however, characterized his presidency whether the topic was nukes for N. Korea or social security reform.

The case also marked, I think, a decline in the feminist movement. After listening to self-proclaimed feminists defend a-boss'-right-to-lie in sexual harassment cases ("everyone lies about sex"), it is hard to take them seriously as the civil rights leaders that they had once claimed to be.

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