Saturday, January 12, 2008

UN is reading the portents

As part of a Reuters article entitled "World warming despite cool Pacifica and Badhdad snow," Mr. Amir Delju, senior scientific coordinator for the UN's World Meteorological Organization, explains the "signs of [global] warming":

Delju said climate change ... would bring bigger swings in the weather alongside a warming trend that will mean more heatwaves, droughts, floods and rising seas.

"The more frequent occurrence of extreme events all over the world -- floods in Australia, heavy snowfall in the Middle East -- can also be signs of warming," he said

The world has always had "extreme [weather] events" and always will. This guarantees that Delju will see more "signs of warming" and this will assure job security for many UN bureaucrats, such as Mr. Delju. Looking for signs in the wrong places is not new. Tacitus lists the "signs" of worse times to come as observed in 54 AD:
In the year of the consulship of Marcus Asinius and Manius Acilius it was seen to be portended by a succession of prodigies that there were to be political changes for the worse. The soldiers' standards and tents were set in a blaze by lightning. A swarm of bees settled on the summit of the Capitol; births of monsters, half man, half beast, and of a pig with a hawk's talons, were reported.
In modern times, there have been attempts to attribute "swarm[s] of bees," or the lack thereof, to global warming but this has so far not stood the test of science.

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