Thursday, January 10, 2008

Rules are for other people

In 1939, World War II had broken out in Europe (but not yet in America) and France and England had mobilized to fight for their lives. What was President Roosevelt thinking about at this time? He was thinking of rules for other people to follow, as Algis Valunus explains:
As war was just breaking out in 1939, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued a plea that all combatant nations do the decent thing and refrain from bombing civilians.
The other side had already decided differently: Both Mussolini and Hitler were followers of Guilio Douhet who had proclaimed as early as 1921 that air power made the distinction between civilian and military targets obsolete. Soon after the US entered the war in Europe, FDR dropped his rule-making instincts and US policies were adapted to the realities of the war.

The above is strikingly similar to modern times when liberals are busy proposing rules for how to fight the war on terror of the kind that only make sense to those who don't have responsibility.

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