Friday, August 14, 2009

San Franciscans speak to Nancy Pelosi

Of course Speaker Pelosi was not listening, but a large crowd gathered anyway today in her district, San Francisco, to talk about health care and I snapped a few photos:
The building in the background, on the other side of the Embarcadero, is the San Francisco Ferry Building.

Many participants had a laugh at the media:

I saw no MSM reporters at this event. They were probably too busy listening to Dem flacks explain how violent we are. San Francisco did send police to this event but, as you can see, the "violence" did not keep them busy:

Some signs offered simple, practical, and sensible advice to the powers that be:

Others tried to explain basic economics:

Another explains that health care (and much else) becomes more affordable if only the government would keep its mits off our money:

But then others saw the graveyard humor in it all:

When Obama speaks, we conservative/libertarians listen. Here one man expresses his discontent with Obama's preference for Postal Service-style health care:

Another protester was impressed with Obama's plan to defeat medical innovation and entrepreneurship at the same time that he sends grandma home with a painkiller instead of medical treatment:

While Obama, Pelosi, and Reid may think of themselves as brilliant and altruistic, we don't:

In summary:

This event was organized by SF Bay Area Patriots. This event could not have been held at a town hall meeting because, reportedly, none of the representatives in this area will allow citizens into a town hall unless they have been pre-screened by the Democratic party.

RELATED: My photos of the Tax Day Tea Party in San Francisco are here.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin has video. Thanks, Glenn, for the Instapundit link. GayPatriot has more photos.


Robert Williams said...

Obama's left-wing policies are like a virus and the Tea Party movement is the nation's immune response.

At our Tea Party rally in Raeligh, NC on the same day, our politicians also wouldn't show up, our signs were very similar, and we had paid counter-protesters supporting Obamacare. This is a national phenomenon.

RM3 Frisker FTN said...

NOT URBAN LEGEND - Congress Exempting itself from Health Care Reform.

Start at pg 113, line 22 of SENATE version of the Health Care Reform Bill ( This describes who is and is-not covered by health care reform. The term is “qualified individual”.

If you are NOT eligible for Federal employee health benefits, as described in US Code Title 5 Chapter 89, then Health Care Reform WILL apply to you.

If you ARE eligible for Federal employee health benefits, as described in US Code Title 5 Chapter 89, then Health Care Reform will NOT apply to you.

Who is eligible for Federal employee health benefits, as described in US Code Title 5 Chapter 89?

Time to read US Code Title 5 Chapter 89 …

For purposes of US Code Title 5 Chapter 89, members of Congress, political appointees, federal employees (obviously), and many others are eligible for Federal employee health benefits.

CONCLUSION: The Senate is attempting to exempt itself from Health Care Reform. Congress, Federal Employees, and other ‘chosen’ ones will get a different plan from the one that will be inflicted upon the rest of us.

reverse phone lookup said...

They are all crooks. They openly show their deceit and are confident that no one will do anything. If you read say The rise and fall of the third Reich, it really is disturbing the similarities.

Anonymous said...

John Dennis will hopefully be reitiring Nancy Pelosi then she can fill for unemployment benefits.

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