Saturday, April 18, 2009

Million man Tea party

Michelle Malkin did a quick survey of newspaper accounts and organizer estimates to find that the tea party protesters numbered at least 250,000.  Since then, Pajamas Media, which is systematically attempting to count all the tea parties, says the total is 623,000 and still climbing.

If we use liberal-style math, then we can take the real numbers and multiply them by three or ten.  But, of course, that would be invalid: everyone knows that liberal-style math can only be used when promoting liberal causes.

When considering these numbers, it is important to note that, for conservatives/libertarians, protesting is an unnatural act: standing in a street and carrying a sign may be natural for a liberal "victim" but it is unfamiliar territory for those of us with jobs and normal lives.  Secondly, unlike the liberal rent-a-mob, the Wednesday tea parties required a sacrifice: taking time off from work.   Lastly, these tea parties were not organized: Geo. Soros and Bernie Madoff were not paying for organizers, buses, and lunches.  The tea party in San Francisco had a web page but no organized promotion, and no newspaper coverage ahead of the event.  There were some KSFO  signs at the event but I didn't hear any broadcasts from them promoting the SF event.  Fox News, although late to the party, did promote tea parties but, while they mentioned two or three cities, I never heard them mention the specifics, like locations and times, that are needed to get a crowd to appear.  And, the tea parties appeared in hundreds of cities that Fox never mentioned.  The tea parties are a grassroots protest.

While some Republicans may want to jump on the bandwagon, the Republican party cannot claim this movement.  Alhtough Democrats complained about deficits under Bush and Republicans under Obama, this protest was against both parties.

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