Monday, April 20, 2009

Those poor innocent terrorists

Jed Babbin of Human Events reports that the Obama administration is convinced that there are not enough terrorists living in the US:
After Obama’s promise to close Gitmo, the White House ordered an inter-agency review of the status of all the detainees, apparently believing that many of those held would be quickly determined releasable. The committee -- comprised of all the national security agencies -- was tasked to start with what the Obama administration believed to be the easiest case: that of the seventeen Uighurs, Chinese Muslims who were captured at an al-Queda training camp. ....

Reviewing the Uighurs detention, the inter-agency panel found that they weren’t the ignorant, innocent goatherds the White House believed them to be. The committee determined they were too dangerous to release because they were members of the ETIM terrorist group, the “East Turkistan Islamic Movement,” and because their presence at the al-Queda training camp was no accident. There is now no ETIM terrorist cell in the United States: there will be one if these Uighurs are released into the United States.

According to Defense Department sources, the White House legal office has told the inter-agency review group to re-do their findings to come up with the opposite answer.
The US Treasury Dept. knows that ETIM is a brutal terrorist group "responsible for killing more than a dozen Chinese police officers ahead of last year's Beijing Olympics." Apparently the Obama administration wants to fight terror in China but is OK with releasing into the US Islamic extremists who trained with bin Laden. If we are nice to them, they'll like us, right?

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