Friday, May 25, 2007

Pro crime

A task force of 6 government agencies broke up a sex slave ring in Minneapolis with arrest warrants for 25 of the ring's leaders. The ring was associated with at least one murder. The left, however, is upset:

The arrests at the Bloomington Avenue apartment sparked a protest there Saturday.

One immigrant advocate said as many as 200 people stopped to watch the bust when the word got out that immigration agents were in the heavily Latino area.

No one was sure what was happening - and officials weren't saying, said Alondra Espejel of the Minnesota Immigrant Freedom Network.

Arresting people on criminal charges is one thing, Espejel said. But provoking fear and chaos is another.

"What I'm worried about is terrorizing an immigrant community on a Saturday afternoon, when it's family time, when it's down time," she said.

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