Sunday, May 27, 2007

Sentence first, trial later

Joe Malchow notes that it is conservatives at Duke who opposed the 88 Duke faculty members who made race-based attacks on the Duke lacrosse players. He wonders why liberals are not similarly outraged:
There is nothing distinctly liberal about accusing an entire class of students of being racist would-be rapists. In fact, to do that is entirely reactionary, and indicative of the use of unthinking heuristic ideology that academics purport to detest. But because students with well meaning liberal sympathies so often allow progressivism to be radically redefined by their professors, it tends to fall to campus conservatives to parry outrages like that perpetrated by the Group of 88.
Incidentally, the architecture of East Germany's Stasi secret police buildings is now on display.

With nearly 90,000 official workers and 170,000 unofficial collaborators investigating a mere 16 million people, the Stasi shows what happens when the liberal 'political correctness' instinct is combined with the institutional power of a socialist government.

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