Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A breeding ground for terrorists

The AP reports today on 6 men charged with plotting to attack Fort Dix with RPGs:
FORT DIX, N.J. (AP) - Six Islamic militants from Yugoslavia and the Middle East were arrested on charges of plotting to attack the Fort Dix Army base and "kill as many soldiers as possible," authorities said Tuesday. ....

One suspect reportedly spoke of using rocket-propelled grenades to kill at least 100 soldiers at a time, according to court documents.

"If you want to do anything here, there is Fort Dix and I don't want to exaggerate, and I assure you that you can hit an American base very easily," suspect Mohamad Ibrahim Shnewer said in a conversation last August that was secretly recorded by a government informant, according to the criminal complaint against him. ....

Christie said one of the suspects worked at Super Mario's Pizza in nearby Cookstown and delivered pizzas to the base, using that opportunity to scout out a possible attack. ....

Officials said four of the men were born in the former Yugoslavia, one in Jordan and one in Turkey. All had lived in the United States for years. Three were in the United States illegally; two had green cards allowing them to stay in this country permanently; the other is a U.S. citizen.

[emphasis added]
So there you have it: Bill Clinton's invasion of Yugoslavia has turned that country, quite peaceful under Tito, into a breeding ground for terrorists. A decade later our troops are still there: it is a quagmire. Will Sen. Reid and Rep. Murtha call for an immediate withdrawal before the situation worsens?

UPDATE: The Clinton connections gets stronger: one of the six, Agron Abdullahu -- a trained sniper, was brought to America in 1999 under a program for Albanian refugees of the Yugoslavian conflict.

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