Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Parties vs. the MSM

Anderson Cooper of CNN and David Shuster of MSNBC responded to the tea party protesters with obscene jokes.  CNN reporter Susan Roesgen, not getting the irony of her claims, declared that the Tea Party protests were "not fit for family viewing."  She also displayed predictable hypocrisy in the process.  (The crowd talks back to her here.)

The New York Times reportedly has had no or almost no news stories on the tea parties, although Paul Krugman found the time to write an op-ed opposing the parties that his paper couldn't be bothered to cover.  In contrast, while most of the MSM had been ignoring or mis-interpreting the tea party protests, a CBS News article by Brian Montopoli got some things right.  For example, he writes:
[P]ositive views of Republicans were relatively rare, particularly in light of the fact that the tea party rallies have been so enthusiastically embraced by many in the GOP. The general perception here was that Mr. Bush kicked off the worst of the irresponsible spending and Mr. Obama accelerated it – and that the concerns of everyday Americans were ignored in the process.

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