Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Specter: Another Bush mistake

Rep. Pat Toomey [R-PA] challenged RINO Sen. Specter in the 2004 primaries.  He might have won but Pres. Bush came to Specter's aid.  As the AP writes:
[Sen. Specter] only narrowly overcame Toomey's surprisingly potent challenge in the primary -- by a margin of barely 17,000 votes out of 1 million cast -- even after then-Sen. Rick Santorum and then-President George W. Bush appealed to Republican conservatives to rally behind the incumbent.
The result of Bush's helping Specter was that the winner of the PA 2004 senate election, whether it was Specter or the Democrat,  was sure to be a reliable liberal vote in the senate.  Today Specter made than official by switching parties.

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