Monday, April 20, 2009

Liberal treason

It seems that every day something new comes out about some amazingly scandalous Democratic activity: Today, we are told that Rep. Jane Harman (D-CA) agreed to lobby for freedom for two spies in exchange for the foreign country helping her become chair of a house Intelligence Committee. The latter was to be accomplished via the foreign government's raising of money for Speaker Pelosi (D-CA) who controls committee assignments. Reportedly, Rep. Harman's conversations on this subject were caught on NSA wiretaps.

Reportedly, Attorney General Gonzales agreed to drop the investigation into Rep. Harman's alleged crimes in exchange for her agreeing to take the American side on some intelligence gathering issues. Should Gonzales be condemmed for that? Or, is such a trade merely an unfortunate necessity when the US congress is controlled by foreign powers?

RELATED: Bill Clinton was being blackmailed by a foreign power (also allegedly Israel) which had wiretaps of his phone sex conversations or at least that is what Bill told Monica.

Separately, a CodePink demonstrator recommends treason to the US.

Reportedly, there is another congressman, identity not yet revealed, caught by wiretaps, this time dealing with terrorists.

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