Monday, April 27, 2009

Obama: too "low key" for satire?

Dan Schnur at the San Francisco Chronicle wonders why Hollywood is not making fun of Pres. Obama:
Republicans argue that this is just another example of a liberal entertainment industry unwilling to make fun of one their own. Democrats counter by citing the scope of the challenges the real president faces and suggesting that it would be inappropriate to lampoon him during such difficult times. But the real answer might have less to do with ideology than personality. For better or worse, Barack Obama is a fairly low-key individual, without the over-the-top behavioral characteristics that lend themselves to satire.
Really? What about Obama's claim that the US invented the automobile? What about his inability to find nominees who are not tax cheats? What about burning 9,000 gallons of gas to demonstrate his concern for the environment? What about his vaunted "$100 million" budget "cuts." What about his reliance on teleprompters? At the Chronicle, they don't find any of that suitable for satire?

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