Tuesday, November 17, 2009

University study finds Fox more fair and balanced than ABC/CBS/NBC

Dr. S. Robert Lichter of George Mason University studied bias in news coverage of the 2008 presidential race and found that liberals are right that Fox covered Obama much more negatively that the three broadcast networks. However, that is what makes Fox's coverage more fair and balanced:

NetworkCoverage of ObamaCoverage of McCain
ABC/CBS/NBCPositive by 68 to 32%Negative by 64 to 36%
FoxNegative by 64 to 36%Negative by 60 to 40%

So, while Fox was negative on Obama, it was negative on McCain by about the same margin. By contrast, the fringe media (ABC/CBS/NBC) were one-sidedly in favor of The One.

The CMPA study compared the ABC, CBS, and NBC evening news shows with the first half hour of Fox News Channel's Special Report, a program which resembles its broadcast news counterparts. CNN and MSNBC were omitted because neither has any straight news coverage in the evening.

Hat tip: NewsBusters

RELATED: Newsweek no longer pretends to be unbiased but that doesn't stop its bias from being offensive and sexist. UPDATE: Stretching credibility to the breaking point, a Newsweek editor claims that the Newsweek Palin cover wasn't "sexist."


Dave B said...

I'd like to see Dr. Lichter do a study on Sarah Palin. I bet the disparity would be incredible.

Dave B said...

I don't think these MSM reporters and pundits realize how much they get real everyday men riled up when they attack conservative women, how they stimulate or awaken what might be some type of inate intinct for real men to protect our women, and how counter-productive they have been to what they think they're trying to do. Every time they go after Michele Bachmann, Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, Tammy Bruce, Monica Crowley, and others most of the real men feel something that can only be described as an "instinct" to come to their defense. I don't pretend they even NEED us to come to their defense, they're brilliant and probably more courageous than we are... but we still feel it regardless. We might handle it in different ways, we might be more or less equipped to come to their aid, we might have the resources to help them and those of us that don't will feel frustrated and a little impotent. That doesn't mean we won't support them or do what will be best for them to the best of our ability. Although the roles seem to be reversed, these women are going to save our Republic whether we want to admit it or not. They are the majority when it comes to courageously standing up for American values and our Republic. With the exception of the few, I'm not seeing it coming from the men. I'm seeing the men making political calculations before they finally agree with them when it it safe to do so or when it is apparent that their position will be accepted and popular. In no way do the men take the beating these women have taken all along and/or have had to face what they have to face all the time. They keep going and remain strong while others faulter and step back and calculate. I, for one, recognize it and appreciate it. Please keep doing what you're doing. I hope you realize there are those of us that are not in positions to do much yet recognize how important you all are and how much you all mean to the future of our country.

John said...

Dave B,

Well said!


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