Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Rep. Eshoo's Health Care Town Hall

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Rep. Anna Eshoo (D-CA) held her first (non-telephone) health care town hall meeting in the full-to-capacity Spangenberg auditorium at Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA, tonight:When I was present, there were no live questions from the audience. All questions were submitted in writing, screened, and read by Rep. Eshoo. Maybe it was just an off-day for her, but it seemed to me that she had a hard time stringing words into sentences, let alone combining sentences into coherent thoughts. Frequently, she would pick a question to read, then read it to the audience, then decide that she had answered it previously, then tell the audience that she was going to skip that question, and then start reading the next question. That she is one of this country's leaders is frightening.

In the picture above, you see that the audience has no signs. The staff required that all signs be parked by the front door here:
Outside there was a crowd of dedicated pro-freedom protesters:

They did not want Obama messing with our health care:
One man, who had lived in a country with socialist medicine, had a very compelling story of why he believes that free choice in medicine is important:

Obamacare does seem to inspire graveyard humor as in the left-hand sign below:
and in this one:
You may remember that the August 14 San Francisco rally had a large version of the shovel-ready graveyard graphic (click and scroll down).

News out of England today shows that the undertaker line is not a joke: In the UK, the government "forecasts" that patients are close to death and then kills them.

Even if the government could make competent health care decisions, there is still the problem of government debt:
Having wasted an amazing $800 billion dollars this year on the "stimulus" pork-barrel bill, Obama now wants to nationalize health care. Where does he think money comes from? Another protester had the answer: in national health care systems, the "savings" always come from rationing care:
The pro-freedom protesters stayed on well past dark:
Unfortunately, I don't think that Rep. Eshoo was listening.

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