Sunday, September 27, 2009

Obama's sense of priorities

When the US economy needs help, Pres. Obama is instead focused on reorganizing medicine. When it is possible that bin Laden and the Taliban could retake Afghanistan, Obama is instead focussed on....:
From Nate Beeler

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Anonymous said...

This untried, immoral, clueless, stupid, vapid, arrogant, wasteful, termanegent of a "president" should be dragged out and banished from this country forever! He isn't an American, he isn't intelligent, he isn't a real man because his strings are being manipulated by outsiders. He will allow our soldiers and Marines to be slaughtered like those in concentration camps, and call it "unfortunate." and that he "deplores" the situation. When he and his chimpanzee leave the White (?) House, someone better count the silver-ware!

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