Thursday, April 15, 2010

A Tea Party breaks out on the San Francisco Peninsula

A Tax Day Tea Party broke out in the city of San Mateo on the San Francisco Peninsula. Well over 400 hundred enthusiastic people attended. The police confined the Tea Party to a sidewalk on El Camino Real:
This picture tries to capture the full length of the crowd (click to enlarge):
Confining so many people to a narrow sidewalk makes it difficult to walk around:

The canine contingent included this pup whose sign. I think, stretched past the limits of good taste:
The sign on his other side was no better:
The overall message was Taxed Enough Already:
Someone had an important point to make about morality: "Give Tiger Woods a break: Obama is screwing the whole country":
This mother had revolutionary spirit:

Here is an original: "Mr. Obama, Tear Down This Law!":
Dissent is not racism. That seems obvious but then, if there were any "unbiased" reporters present, it was probably a good idea to remind them:
This event was organized by MyLiberty of San Mateo County.

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Anonymous said...

Here here!!! Think they'll get it?? Let's just see how much our wonderful government can push people.

Megan said...

Yeah, we're not all ignorant to our greedy political leaders.

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