Monday, December 17, 2007

Yet another hate crime hoax

This hoax was a little different. Francisco Nava, an adult convert to Mormonism, admitted to fabricating hate-e-mails and a hate-assault against advocates of traditional marriage and sexuality. This is the opposite of previously reported fake hate crimes which have generally been perpetrated by liberals pretending to be the victims of hate-filled conservatives. Below it is noted that (religious-right) Mike Huckabee's foreign policy reasoning is similar to liberal reasoning. The Nava case of fake-hate-crimes appears to be a second area where some in the US "religious right" are similar to US liberals.

One psychologist explains hate-crime-hoaxers as follows:

People who fake crimes are transforming feelings of invisibility into a fantasy that they may come to believe is reality, says Bonnie Jacobson, a psychologist and director of the New York Institute for Psychological Change in New York City. She says a “hoaxer” wins attention by playing the passive victim, similar to a person with Munchausen syndrome, who fakes an illness to get the attention of doctors or loved ones. [emphasis added]
As liberals like to "play the passive victim," it would be natural that this appeals to some of them.

Hat Tip: Instapundit.

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