Monday, December 31, 2007

It's a paradox!

Mark Sherman of the AP reports:
The dispute over Indiana's voter ID law that is headed to the Supreme Court in January is as much a partisan political drama as a legal tussle.

On one side are mainly Republican backers of the law, including the Bush administration, who say state-produced photo identification is a prudent measure intended to cut down on vote fraud. Yet there have been no Indiana prosecutions of in-person voter fraud — the kind the law is supposed to prevent.

Accepting Mr. Sherman's facts are face value, it would appear that the voter ID law had been successful: after requiring IDs, no in-person voter fraud has been found. He, however, appears to think that the law has failed unless people are still trying to commit in-person vote fraud.

File this in the same category as news reporters who are shocked that, after more criminals are put in prison, crime goes down.

Via BotW.

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