Wednesday, February 22, 2012

$6 gas

After three years of Obama's publicly attacking, delaying, and denying permits for oil projects, whether drilling or pipelines, gas prices are way up. CBS, however, does not see fit to mention Obama at all in its article (screen grab above) on $6/gallon gas.

If you have a long memory (that is, if you are not a liberal), then you remember when every rise in gas prices was the fault of the evil-Bush-Cheney-Haliburton conspiracy as, for example, in this Bloomberg article from 2004:

Curiously, when gas prices fluctuated down under Pres. Bush, the MSM did not see that as reason to cast doubt on the evil-conspiracy theories.

Newsbusters reports that there were four times more stories on gas price rises under Bush than Obama and the MSM was 15 times more likely to mention Bush in such as story then than they are to mention Obama in a gas-price story now.

The MSM is what it is.

FLASHBACK: DNC Chief Wasserman Schultz Rails Against Bush For $3-Gallon Gas… But then, consistency is merely for little minds.

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