Sunday, May 30, 2010

Obama's health care and economic policies explained

First, watch this video (Hat tip: Instapundit):

You get the point: however great things are, people complain, people tell you all the faults.

It is the same with the US economy. No matter that free markets have produced societies of wealth unimaginable only a few decades ago, there are always things to complain about. We may have the best health care in the world but, they say, isn't it just awful that you actually have to pay for it. Free markers provide the world's highest standards of living but, they say, isn't it just awful that the growth rate occasionally fluctuates down (recession). They wonder: Why can't we have expansions without ever having to bother with recessions?

Obama's health and economic policies see America as a glass-half-empty not realizing how lucky we are to have a glass and especially to have one half-full.

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