Wednesday, May 26, 2010

"Traitors to America and Proud of It!"

Who are the left? Who are the people who advocate for illegal immigrants? This amazing video shows the left-wing protesters yesterday in San Francisco shouting at the Tea Party crowd:
They chant:
Traitors to America and Proud of It!
Traitors to America and Proud of It!
Red, white, and blue
We spit on you!
In the background of the video, you can see pro-amnesty signs. More pro-amnesty signs from the same protest are here.

Thanks to Larry of Fund47 for sending the video. Have a look at Fund47 for some excellent photos of San Francisco Tea Parties.

WELCOME to readers of Uncoverage.

MORE on yesterday's protests:
A Tea Party greets Obama in San Francisco and the left is not happy about it

MORE on San Francisco's sometimes violent pro-amnesty protests:
Minutemen vs. May Day protesters in San Francisco; Two arrested

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