Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Tea Party greets Obama in San Francisco and the left is not happy about it

UPDATE: For still more outrageous video ("Red, white, and blue; We spit on you") go here.

When Pres. Obama came to San Francisco today for a fundraiser for Sen. Boxer, he was greeted by a Tea Party. This upset San Francisco's sometimes violent leftists who chanted:
Racist, sexist, anti-gay
Tea Party go away!

Last October, left and right freely intermingled at a protest in San Francisco. That friendly atmosphere ended when three right protesters were injured and at least two leftists arrested after this year's May Day rally at San Francisco's Civic Center.

Today's protests were at the top of Nob Hill across Mason street from the Fairmont Hotel where Pres. Obama and Sen. Ma'am Boxer's fundraiser was being held. The police divided the block into two sections, the right half for the Tea Partiers and the left half, naturally, for the leftists. This is the view of the left side: If one looks more closely at the left side, one can see the preprinted ANSWER coalition (communist) signs, mostly in Spanish:
The right-hand side held the Tea Partiers:
The round floating black object (seen both above and below) is a blimp labeled "FailedSenator.com," a website created by Carly Fiorina, a liberal Republican who hopes to challenge Sen. Boxer this Fall.
Notice the sign above which reads "We the people or they the ruling class?" Both left and right seem to agree that Pres. Obama is the leader of the ruling class. The two sides disagree over who represents "the people." The (leftist) speaker in the video above explains that he thinks that Tea Partiers are the rich who got that way by denying the poor their due.

Here is an expressive sign from the Tea Party side:

As another example of the upset leftists, here is a man with a bullhorn who, before being drowned out by another leftist with a bullhorn, shouts repeatedly "Tea Party fascism":

The video above shows the space between the left and right sides. This space, a DMZ if you will, was created and enforced by the SF Police.

It was evident that the left liked their "racist, sexist, anti-gay" chant as they kept repeating it. Here is how it sounded from the Tea Party side of the DMZ:

(Update: Who is anti-gay? A liberal hopes for the murder of a gay tea party supporter.)

Some on the left did have coherent points to make. The woman below, for example, observes that our Afghanistan policy seems inadequate to the task:
While hundreds showed up today from the anti-Obama left and anti-Obama right, there were four people who appeared in support of Obama:
At least with four people, the pro-Obama supporters outnumbered the one protester whose concern was for extraterrestrial rights, shown here as he talks to one of SF's finest:
Today's Tea Party was organized by the Bay Area Patriots.

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For more photos of this event, see Fund47.

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Opus #6 said...

Excellent post, John. I saw you through a link on Gateway Pundit.

Truthiskey911 said...

This is actually a much better (and entertaining) video of what went on that day.


Also the lady with the opium sign was on "on the left". She is a libertarian. Here is the video showing our troops guarding the opium fields in Afghanistan:


Mats said...

That guy sings "anti-gay" as if it's a bad thing.

Oh wait! Homos run San Francisco. I forgot that.

Anonymous said...

I live in San Francisco. That "extraterrestrial" protester (last picture) has been carrying crazy (or seemingly crazy) signs like that at *EVERY* SF rally for years. I used to assume he was just a gentle, independent minded crazy person, but more recently I really am wondering if he hasn't always been a SPONSORED participant. Is he on the payroll, of someone who is using his relentless appearance at EVERY rally, to make ALL protests look nutty and "fringe"? I would love to know who pays that crazy-appearing gentleman's bills.

Sam from SF

Anonymous said...

Well, Frank Chin (alien guy) is actually sponsored...there's usually an ad for a record store or a fast food eatery on the other side of his sign. At the top is usually the name of someone he's spoken to recently about his ... saga.

A. Magnus Publius said...

Here's a 'chant' to counter the anti-tea party propaganda:

"Leftists under Wall Street pay,
Love Big Brother every day."

Let's see how they like THAT one...

Anonymous said...

Given a choice between the following:

a) SF authoritarian wall street funded leftists

b) Tea Party fox news flunkees

c) The extremely corrupt SFPD

d) The black-masked anarchists (with a few cops hiding in there too)

I'll take (d) anyday. At least it's easy to spot the cops.

It's funny. With everything that's happening to our country, they're the only ones I would grant even the tiniest amount of trust. They're the only REAL Americans left, and they don't even believe in the Constitution.

The rest are corporate-paid shills.

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