Sunday, May 16, 2010

Are Tea Parties breaking out worldwide?

Nick Rizzuto writes on the beginnings of Tea Party movements around the world:
In recent months, inspired by what they are observing here in the states, Tea Party organizations have begun to rise in up the furthest corners of the world. While these organizations might have different concerns, ones that are specific to their particular nations, it is clear that each has formed around the same concepts: limited governance and individual liberty.

Ironically it was England, who in the 18th century was at the unpleasant end of a Tea Party, which was the first outside of the US to hold a Tea Party rally, launching their national movement in February of this year. In addition, Tea Party organizations have popped up in Ireland, the Netherlands, Australia, and Japan. Most recently, we have learned that Israel is planning on staging its first Tea Party in Tel-Aviv.

There is a tea party planned for Tel Aviv (more here) on Friday, July 16. Great Britain's tea party movement is discussed here, here, and here. The Dutch Tea Party is planning an event for Saturday, May 29. There is discussion of a possible German Tea Party movement here. Whether these represent genuine political movements, like the tea party in America, or are merely astroturf remains to be seen.

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