Monday, May 03, 2010

California's schools need Lydia Gutierrez

While California's public universities are sometimes excellent, California's K-12 public education is a disaster, as Los Angeles' Wave newspaper reports:
California ranks next to last in states where the adult population has at least a high school education, according to a report released by the California Faculty Association at Cal State Los Angeles.

Ranking 49th out of 50 states is an indication of the state’s deteriorating educational status in recent decades, according to “California at the Edge of a Cliff,” by Thomas G. Mortenson.

Tonight, Lydia Gutierrez, a school teacher with twenty years experience, explained what's wrong with California education to a rapt audience at a meeting of MyLiberty in San Mateo. She gave a whirlwind tour of the complex maze of policies and bureaucracies that strangle our public education system. She is running to become California's school superintendent in the election on June 8. I hope she succeeds.

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