Sunday, March 29, 2009

Why Johnny can't read

At Lexiblog, Michael J O'Neal writes on the problem of public education:
The public assumes that colleges of education are preparing aspiring teachers to teach kids how to read by requiring rigorous courses in how to do so. One would think that the teaching of reading would be a college of education’s Prime Directive. To test that assumption, the Washington, D.C.–based National Council on Teacher Quality launched a sweeping examination of reading courses and textbooks at the nation’s colleges of education. The results are appalling. What masquerades as reading pedagogy is, with painfully few exceptions, a soggy confection of political correctness, collectivist social indoctrination, diversity training, and fluff courses that make basket weaving sound like advanced biophysics.
Teacher's Ed is such that even an illiterate can get a degree, or so claimed a 17-year veteran teacher as discussed in: "How the education system works."

RELATED in education, Obama has promised to solve the education problem by throwing money at it. Others on the left believe that students will be more literate and knowledgeable if only we could raise their "self-esteem."

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