Sunday, March 15, 2009

Jerry Brown learns economics, the left objects

The Calfornia state budget is a disaster.  Current California Attorney General Jerry Brown has a surprising approach, considering that he is a Democrat, as  the SF Chronical reports:

The California governor's job this time around could be a no-win situation, he acknowledged. It's an era when just the state deficit is out of control and budget battles are bloody. There's no one easy answer, "there's just pain," he said.

Still, "I would not be advocating new taxes, I'll tell you that," he said. Already, California is "one of the highest tax states around," he said. "So we've got to be competitive. We can't drive all the jobs out and tax the few people who stay."

So even Jerry Brown, once known as Governor Moonbeam, acknowledges that there are supply-side effects.  This upsets Paul Hogarth, of BeyondChron,  who, in a "news" story, writes:
The [California] Attorney General [Jerry Brown] said in an online interview this week that the budget situation is a mess, and that “there’s just pain.” But he then said he “would not be advocating new taxes,” which is wholly contradictory.
"Contradictory"?  That is true only if decreasing government spending is somehow a "contradiction."  His next sentence explains the usual goals of a leftist:
Everyone has to share the pain during these tough times, ....
While some may see a choice between creating prosperity or sharing pain, Hogarth sees shared pain as inevitable: the left, as evidenced by both polls and anecdotes, suffers from depression.

RELATED:  BeyondChron is a leftist alternative the the very liberal San Francisco Chronicle.  The Chronicle is in financial trouble.  So where does BeyondChron get its funding?  Reportedly, it is funded by city money intended to help the homeless. 

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