Thursday, March 05, 2009

Liberal paranoia is of two styles

Roseanne Barr believes that Israel is faking the rocket attacks:
ohlmert you lie:

you say that twelve rockets were fired into israel since the end of the "war" (ethnic cleansing). Not one Israeli was hurt or killed by these rockets, and now you say you are going to go back and kill more palestinians to teach them a lesson!!!

I think rockets are being fired by your own sources, since less than ten israelis have been killed by them. You are bullshitting the world as you pocket money made from arms sales, along with bibi and your agents in Hamas. step down all men in power!
From her blog, it seems that Roseanne Barr is also a 9-11 truther.

Paranoid liberals appear to come in two types.  One type believes that the enemies are particular identifiable individuals, such as Ms. Barr (who identifies Olmert as the enemy).  Those who believe that the JFK assassination was orchestrated by LBJ also belong in this group.  The second type believes the enemies are vast and impersonal.  Liberals who believe, say, that low-level nuclear radiation is going to kill them or that JFK was killed by a CIA-corporatist conspiracy are of the second type.

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