Monday, March 16, 2009

Is a pattern emerging?

Bruce McQuain notes a trend:
I mentioned last week that there was a narrative building which could be quite detrimental to the Obama administration. That narrative started with the British press, in a snit about the treatment of British PM Gordon Brown during a visit to the White House, noting that the administration seemed “overwhelmed”. Supporters claimed that was normal for a new administration, and besides, this one had been handed a very difficult crisis as they came into power, one that would test the abilities of even the most seasoned of administrations. But that didn’t stop the narrative from continuing to form. Then we saw others, even among supporters, begin to wonder. Camille Paglia and Howard Fineman were concerned that things seemed “not quite right” even after 50 days. Was this new administration in over its head? Even Paul Krugman carefully mentioned that those things which needed to be addressed immediately weren’t getting the attention they needed or deserved.
Maybe not coincidentally, video has appeared on youtube showing what happens when the President's teleprompter goes off:

Everyone botches a sentence now and then. Unfortunately for Mr. Obama, this looks bad because he was once supposed to be the Messiah.

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